We’re very excited to announce that our premiere product is currently in development!

Hey Mike!! Industries presents – G.I. Germ Fighters Base Camp!

"Base Camp" was created to provide an opportunity for children, and children of all ages, (adults) to sit down together and enjoy a unique and fun filled board game that is easy to pick up. The game was designed to cool and inviting for players of all ages while mainly targeting 7-12 year olds. The unique and brightly designed characters and totally radical setting offer a fun filled imaginative get away for kids of all ages. These are some pretty cool little dudes with big attitudes and they aren’t afraid to show it! The game has artfully crafted, colorful player cards and plenty of enemy germs to fight. Players work together to defeat the super villain “Dirty Duke” but must employ strategy to also outduel their opponent. So, draw your cards, but play them carefully. Have fun and if you don’t watch out you just may learn something.



Welcome to the world of G.I. Germ Fighters! Are you ready to do some battle with the bad guys all in the name of good, clean fun? The Germ Fighters are little dudes with big ‘tudes waging epicly tiny battles and fighting germs to promote healthy lifestyles and keep the environment clean. Their bubble cannons are always at the ready as they go about their business of trying to make the world a better place!

Villains, Bosses and Meanies!
The G.I. Germ Fighters are headed out to battle the Bosses and other meanies on their epic, exciting, pint-sized adventures. There is NO LIMIT to the mischief and mayhem that may ensue! And watch out! You may just learn something along the way!

Arrooooggaaahhh! When a call for help goes out for help to the Germ Fighters in their Town Dump Base camp you can rest assured they mean business.

There’s no shortage of adventures for these little guys! Immerse yourself in a world were more than 20 characters come to life, suck you in and take you along on their mad-capped adventures.

Continue to check in as we announce new projects and adventures!